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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who are your clients?

A -  Our clients have come to us for private guidance and support on a regular basis.  Aside from this newly built (November 22) website and our new social media and Google pages, we have only ever operated on a word of mouth and personal recommendation basis. 

We operate discretely and do not ever name our clients - We will never post our clients names on our websites or social media, although going forwards we cannot of course control whom chooses to recommend us or rate our services via these channels.

Q - What areas do you cover?

A - We are based in Alresford, Essex.  Although modern technology does allow us to interact with clients all over the UK.  Whilst some of our contacts do also hold dual nationality and may split their time in/out of the UK, we do not look after clients that are domiciled full time outside of the UK and we only look after those that have the right to reside in and work in the UK on a full-time basis.  When necessary, following an initial consultation, we are of course happy to travel to meet our clients in person at work or at home and in some case's, we can offer out of hours or weekend appointments.

Q - How much do you charge?

A - Our charges are based on an hourly rate and agreed up front with the client.  This is on a case by case basis and based on the amount of work involved and the size of the relationship. After an initial (fee free) fact find, if both parties agree that we can help, a quote will be issued and no work will start until this quote is agreed in writing.  If this is a one-off piece of work, there will be just the one invoice issued.  If this is a bigger piece of work we will sign a consultancy agreement with the client and bill on a fortnightly basis for work completed.  All bills are expected to be paid within 7 working days of issuance.  All fees quoted are inclusive of VAT.

Q - Are you FCA regulated?

A - The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) do not regulate will writers or estate planners.
Whereas there is many different fee charging membership bodies and societies concerning these areas that companies and individuals can become part of, none are actually FCA regulated. Due to this, we have decided to only use established, qualified and practicing solicitors to draw up all legal documentation for our clients and to provide any necessary legal advice.  When planning ahead, it’s best to get advice from a lawyer who specialises in wills and probate and estate planning. It’s also important to check that the lawyer is regulated with the relevant professional body, such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  All clients that we deal with will have their documentation put together by an SRA regulated individual working at an SRA regulated firm, fully covered by Professional Indemntity Insurance.  Whether you choose to work with us, or another firm, it is imperative to check the credentials of the people that you are dealing with, before you pay them any money or enter into any binding agreement. 

How can I pay you?

A - We will never ask for, or accept payments in cash from our clients.  We are happy to be paid by cheque or by bank transfer, to our company bank account.  We have also registered with Paypal to offer an additional level of security should our clients prefer this.  In all cases, we will only ever be asked to be paid to the company name detailed on our invoices, not to a personal bank account.
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